Divorce is often considered the most highly sensitive and emotionally grueling area of the law for those individuals who are faced with having to undergo the process.  The facts of the case matter most, but probably coming in a close second would be having an experienced, knowledgeable and capable attorney by your side.  Selecting an attorney to represent you in one of, if not the most, trying times of your life will necessarily be a monumental decision on your part.  As statistically well over 90% of divorce cases ultimately settle, the ideal candidate would be an attorney who combines excellent negotiating skills with seasoned litigation skills.  Also, as most divorces invariably boil down to issues involving finances, you should be looking for someone who has a solid business law background.  Lastly, if there are minor children involved, and custody is going to be disputed, it is an absolute must to have an advocate in your corner who knows precisely how to present this issue to the Court in the most effective and persuasive manner.

David M. Baker, Esq. can place a check mark in all of the aforementioned boxes.  Attorney Baker started his career initially working outside his family’s law practice in Fall River by joining a very prominent divorce and family law practice on Cape Cod.  For approximately eight years, Attorney Baker practiced almost exclusive in this area of the law, handing mostly complex cases involving high net worth clientele.  In doing so, Attorney Baker quickly gained a wealth of experience in dealing with a whole host of asset division and support-related issues.  He tried many cases from the outset, many of which involved the custody of minor children.  In 2005, Attorney Baker transitioned his practice from Cape Cod to Fall River where he expanded into handling a variety of business litigation matters.  Ironically, many of the new areas of the law that he delved into involved the same or similar issues which are at the heart of most divorce cases, e.g., real estate, asset valuation and methods of determining disputed incomes.  This acquired experience in distinct, yet related, areas of the law has proven extremely useful over the years when it comes to representing clients in divorce actions.

Attorney Baker has represented hundreds of divorce clients over the years.  The hallmark of his representation is zealous advocacy both in and out of the courtroom.  Attorney Baker is able to get the job done without engaging in the sophomoric and chest-thumping behavior that unfortunately all too often permeates the divorce bar.  If you desire a no-nonsense, high energy attorney who will work tireless on your behalf to obtain a favorable outcome, contact D. Baker Law Group, P.C. to schedule a consultation.

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