Enforcement of Hospital and Medical Liens

We all know the great things that hospitals and medical providers and their employees do for individuals. They save lives and offer immediate medical attention to individuals suffering from ailments or injuries. With beneficial services come great costs, which not all patients can afford. If a patient you treated can't pay off their medical expenses, you can depend on the D. Baker Law Group, P.C. to help you enforce a hospital lien or medical lien. Through our legal services, we can help secure payment from the injured party's settlement or judgment proceeds.

Reasons to enforce a hospital lien include:

  • Patient couldn't afford hospital bill
  • Patient didn't have insurance
  • Patient's insurer failed to pay in full

Patients who suffer injuries in accidents are often faced with expensive medical bills, which they may attempt to have their insurance company cover. Some insurance companies, however, may not cover the patient's medical expenses in full. In some cases, claims adjusters try to limit how much they owe. As a result, the bill you send to your patient may not be paid. We work to right this situation and collect the money that is owed to you.

We Understand Hospital & Medical Liens and How to Create and Enforce Them.

Hospital liens and medicals liens can be trickier to create and enforce than one might think. There are a number of strict substantive and procedural requirements you must meet in order for the lien to be valid. Neglecting to follow the procedures can invalidate the lien.

In Massachusetts hospitals, health maintenance organizations and medical and dental service corporations which furnish medical or other services to any person injured in an accident not covered by the workers' compensation laws has the right to assert a lien for the reasonable and necessary charges upon the net amount payable to such injured person, his heirs or legal representative out of the total amount of any recovery or sum had or collected or to be collected, whether by judgment or by settlement or compromise, from another person as damages on account of such injuries.

In Rhode Island, the law is substantially similar to Massachusetts, with one notable exception. Rhode Island only allows hospitals to assert a lien for services rendered, not health maintenance organizations and medical and dental service corporations.

We're Here to Help You Collect What's Due.

Attorney David M. Baker is experienced in creating and enforcing hospital and medical liens that meets all regulations and requirements. By listening to your needs and applying our extensive knowledge, we can provide you with an effective and valid lien.

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