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With respect to commercial and consumer debt collection, our philosophy is simple: If anyone can collect it, it's us!

The vast majority of the debt collection cases handled by D. Baker Law Group, P.C. involve what we like to refer to as "unconstestable debt," that is to say, situations where the debtor has no real meritorious defense to liability or damages. Debtors frequently fail to defend the case or appear in court, resulting in what is known as a default judgment. Whether the debtor defaults or elects to defend the case and loses, however, obtaining a judgment is usually just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

In the small claims session of the District Court (where cases involving damages under $7,000.00 are heard), far too often we see business owners and executives sending non-attorney personnel to the courthouse to attempt to handle these matters on their own. If a debtor fails to show up in court, it is easy to announce "Plaintiff" and obtain a default judgment. But where does the non-attorney representative go from there? Having a judgment in hand does not automatically result in the debt being paid, and almost never does. The simple fact of the matter is that if a debtor refuses to pay a judgment, the average layperson has absolutely no clue how to proceed. Yes, the clerk's office will issue a civil arrest warrant for a debtor who refuses to appear at the so-called "review hearing," but what does the layperson do once a debtor is brought to the courthouse by the deputy sheriff and then refuses to enter into a payment plan? The reality of the situation is that the layperson does not have the legal education, training or experience to know what to do. Cases languish in the court month after month, year after year, with little or no progress. What was initially thought to be a cost saving measure turns out to be an economic disaster.

D. Baker Law Group, P.C. has the experience and expertise to handle all debt collection cases, including small claims cases. Simply put, it is best to let legal professionals handle legal matters. While nobly intentioned, business owners and executives actually do a disservice by sending laypersons into an adversarial situation outside their knowledge, ability and comfort zone. Our firm, on the other hand, has the knowledge and experience to hold debtors accountable and produce results. We carefully review and consider all options, including real estate liens, seizing motor vehicles, and garnishing wages to just name a few. We draft and serve post-judgment discovery where necessary to verify a debtor's income and assets, including subpoenaing bank and employment records. We do not sit back idly and wait for the debtor to pay; instead, we aggressively pursue every available means at our disposal to collect the amount due in full as quickly and efficiently as possible. Attorney Baker will not hesitate for a moment when it comes to taking debtors before a judge to set a fair payment order or to hold them in contempt and seek their incarceration.

At D. Baker Law Group, P.C., we have extensive experience in commercial and consumer debt collection. Whether you're a business owner or executive, our firm can fill the critically important role of increasing your cash flow by collectiing your delinquent accounts receivable in a timely and responsible manner.

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